How can I view the product price and place an order?

The price for the product is visible only to registered users. To access the pricing information and place an order, you need to create an account. Click here to create your account.

Why can't I add just one piece of a product to my order?

Our minimum order quantity for each product is generally 2 units, with some exceptions where it might be 4 units. The system will guide you through the ordering process and ensure you meet the minimum requirements.

Why does the discount rate change when I adjust the quantity of products in my cart?

The discount rate is based on the final price of your order. As the total order value increases, the discount percentage also increases, up to a maximum of 30%. To activate the discount, the minimum order value must be at least 10,000 €. For orders exceeding 100,000 €, please get in touch with us for further assistance.

What is the "Bicolor" fee shown in my cart when I select the dual color paint option?

The "Bicolor" fee is an additional charge applied when you choose the dual color paint option for a product. This fee is incurred due to the increased complexity and higher production costs associated with achieving the dual color effect. It allows you to customize your product with a combination of two colors, making it unique to your preferences.

What happens after I place an order?

After placing your order and making the payment, the manufacturing process will begin. Our team will handle the production and ensure that your order is processed efficiently. You will receive updates regarding the status of your order, once it is ready to be shipped.